KDH & Miki

A Korean-born DJ and producer, KDH started DJing in Japan in 2013 and is currently an organizer and DJ for numerous parties, mainly in Roppongi and Shibuya, Tokyo. As a DJ, he frequently makes guest appearances not only in residents in Tokyo but also in large clubs and local clubs. Resonates his groove over Japan with uplifting MIX interweaving multi genres but especially BASS and Bounce, his specialties.
His momentum does not stop in Japan alone. From the beginning of his activities, he has been called as a guest DJ in his home country Korea, playing in many large clubs in Seoul and other cities recently.
He also acts as a producer and has released several original songs mainly on Bounce, gained popularity in Tokyo and Korea. His signature song "Someone like you" was released on the world-famous "Generation Smash" label and is supported by well-known artists such as Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas & Like mike and David Guetta, and "Forever", "Say Yeah" are his popular songs that liven up audiences. He is a DJ with a promising future.

[Miki (EMKAY)]
While still young, appointed as a resident DJ of SEL OCTAGON TOKYO, a large club in Roppongi, since January 2020,

From around the same time, he started producing music under the name of "Miki" and released his first original song "Can't Let You Go --KDH, Miki & TOYMATZ" from Complex Drop Records in Latin America in September 2021.
He is still energetically producing music, and is expected to make a leap forward.

Utilizing the on-site intuition cultivated through DJ activities and the knowledge gained from music production, he plays around four-on-the-floor such as Future House and Progressive House, but his outstanding strength with high reputation is the responsiveness honed from his experience as a resident DJ.

He is one of the next generation DJs who has gained support not only from men but also from women with his powerful and reliable groove and refreshing looks.

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