[DAISHI DANCE] DJ / PRODUCER based in Sapporo. Centering on the most uplifting dance music of the era, from TRIBAL, OLDSCHOOL, MELODIC HOUSE to massive EDM, his unique play style crossing various genres making full use of 4 CDJs creates drastic peak times and unity. As a producer, he is characterized by producing melodic songs centered on piano and strings. Since making his simultaneous debut in Japan and South Korea with "the P.I.A.N.O. set" in 2006, he has released many albums at a high pace, totaling in 100 albums as of today and has recorded sales of over 10,000 copies. Among them, the album "the Ghibli set" series, which house-covered the masterpieces of Studio Ghibli's works, became an exceptional blockbuster and a phenomenal long sale, and made "DAISHI DANCE" known widely beyond the framework of club scenes. The collaboration between his unique melancholy melody and traditional Japanese musical instruments is also a major feature of his music. He is also active in releasing from international labels, producing and collaborating with various artists in Japan and overseas. He provides many songs not only to J-POP artists but also to overseas artists such as BIGBANG's Haru Haru and MY HEAVEN. He is also working on providing music to the art works of digital art group utilizing latest technologies "teamLab" and utilizes YouTube to distribute DJs from local tourist attractions and nature in Hokkaido. [NORII] DJ / PRODUCER from Hokkaido, centers on HOUSE MUSIC. Founded Japan's first free download label "SINKA RECORDS" in 2016. Moved to Madrid, Spain from January to September 2020 toto improve his music production skills. Currently lives in Japan. Has released original songs on many overseas labels and is supported by EDM top stars and legendary HOUSE DJs.

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