About "The NFT Records"

About User Registration

To purchase at The NFT Records, you need to register as a user (free of charge) and log in. You can make registration via the SNS or email address.
How to
①Select "Register" at the top right of the page
②Register with either SNS (Facebook / Twitter) or email address
③Enter the country code and phone number with SMS authentication and receive the code
④Enter the code
⑤Registration completed!

What Is “NFT”?

NFT is a unique and irreplaceable token that proves you are a “fan”. This proof will continue to be recorded on the private blockchain without being destroyed. In addition, the proof can be secondarily distributed in the future and can be sold to those who wish to purchase it.

The sales method varies depending on the artist and product, but basically all products are sold for a limited time. Therefore, please complete the NFT purchase procedure within the purchase period. Please note that once the purchase period has expired, you will not be able to purchase again.
After the purchase period ends, the NFT will be distributed to the "My Collection" page. You can enjoy sound sources, videos, images, etc. with high sound quality and high image quality. There is no time limit for viewing / viewing. Your purchased NFT will always be yours.

The NFT Records First Step Guide

The NFT Records is an online store where you can buy exclusive music and merchandise wherever you are!

You can get limited-edition music and digital goods from artists!
It's as easy to buy as an online store!
NFTs (products) come with serial numbers and certificates!
You can store your purchased music and goods in your "My Collection" page!

What are the NFT Products which us, “the NFT Records” provide?

NFT is a system of digital products that can be sold in limited quantities. When you purchase The NFT Records’ item, it is stored in your "My Collection" page and can be viewed. The products are managed by serial numbers, and the same product with the same number is very important as it is the only product you have in the world. In addition, each item comes with a digital certificate (a certificate that proves that the item is indeed one of a limited number of items), so you can be sure that you have it. In other words, NFTs are digital music and merchandise sold in limited quantities, giving you the same experience as buying physical CDs or merchandise at the CD store or concert venue, while you stay on the Internet! In addition, depending on the product, real products and benefits may accompany it together.

How to Purchase Products at The NFT Records

―STEP01 Select the product you want
Select the product you want to buy after logging in, select the product you want to buy from the list of products.
There are four (4) types of sales methods for products: "Auction Sales", "Drop (regular sales)", "Pre-order Sales", and "Lottery Sales".
Auction Sales Bids are accepted for a certain period of time, and the NFT products will be given to the highest bidder at the end of the period.
Drop It will be sold in a limited quantity, and will be discontinued when the specified quantity is sold out.
Pre-order Sales NFT products will be given to those who have pre-ordered for a certain period of time.
Lottery Sales A lottery will be held and only the winners will have the right to purchase the product.

―STEP02 Tap the “Purchase” button from the details page!
For Auction Sales : when you go to the detail page of the product, you will see a "Bid" button. Enter the desired bid price and finalize. For Drop/Pre-order and Lottery, press the purchase/reserve button to complete the order.
Tap the “Purchase” button from the details page!
―STEP03 Complete your payment
Press the purchase button to go to the payment page. When you complete the payment using the specified payment method for each product, the purchased product will be delivered to My Collection. However, depending on the product, it may take some time until delivered to the My Collection. In the case of real products, we will deliver to your designated place. Please do not forget to answer the email asking for delivery! *Shipping fee varies depending on the artist and product. When the product says “Shipping fee included”, we will start sending the materials immediately w/o charge.
―STEP04 Enjoy your digital songs and goods!
All purchased digital products are stored in "My Collection" on My Page, so you can enjoy them there. Real products will be delivered to the specified address separately.
Enjoy your digital songs and goods!

* The latest drop (* release) information is posted on Twitter (@TheNFTRecords).
* Conditions and precautions : please check the terms and conditions of The NFT Records before using. Thank you!